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Getting cozy with Sunies Sandals

Getting cozy with Sunies Sandals

Autumn is a time to slow down and welcome the changes that come with cooler weather, both in you and the world around you. A chance to renew, reset and recharge, this season is a refreshing break after a long summer of adventure and before the busy holidays. 

 Even though it’s starting to get cold here in Europe we can still wear your Sunies slides as at-home shoes, or take them to the spa or the “Therme”, the European thermal baths and to have a cozy and relaxing time. As much as we love autumn, we must admit, we’re still a little sad to see summer go!

 While we’re patiently waiting for winter, here are 5 reasons we love autumn. 

Getting cozy

This is the season for sustainable fashion like warm sweaters and even warmer blankets. So, light a candle, get under that blanket and curl up with a new book or watch an inspirational series.

It means the holidays are coming

Dropping temperatures announce the arrival of December’s holidays. With a festive feeling around the corner, you can’t help but start to already get in the holiday spirit. 

Autumn walks

It’s not too hot or cold outside, the air is crisp and the sun isn’t beaming. A cool breeze caresses your cheeks every so often while golden yellow leaves crunch under your feet. Just going for a walk is a total sensorial experience!  

Comfort foods and hot drinks

Warming spices like cinnamon, rosemary and nutmeg take the spotlight in autumn’s slow-cooked, hearty meals. It’s also the season to enjoy all kinds of hot drinks (pumpkin spiced latte, anyone?) that can help you to feel warm on the inside and out. 


We’re super excited to announce that we’re launching a new addition to the Sunies collection. This autumn, you’ll be able to shop for kids' rain boots that are just as comfortable and eco-friendly as the rest of our line. 

 We hope you’re enjoying these misty mornings and cool evenings!

 -The Sunies Team-

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